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It may be difficult to describe in a conversation exactly what makes a candle stand out from the rest. Are the A quality raw materials we use? Are they the molds we use to bring our ideas to life? Are the scents that emanate from each of our candles that can awaken or even create new memories? We believe it is the passion for combining all of these to create in a dynamic and unique way the right candle for you.


Kaelum Candles is a small female sole proprietorship, which was created in 2022 and is based in Athens.

Kaelum (caelum) in Latin means paradise. Handmade candles 100% plant-based, home fragrances and high-quality decoration items. The raw materials for production and packaging of the products are always selected with a view to maintaining ecological consciousness and providing excellent quality. Non-toxic to environment and pet friendly.

Creating a warm atmosphere in the space can have significant benefits for mental health, enjoying the calm and relaxation it can offer.